ANALYTICAL RnD aims to provide custom solutions to analytical problems in the fields of chemistry and life sciences. The prime motive of the organisation is to provide advanced analytical research solutions in the field of human clinical, pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, food, and environmental.

The company aims to leverage advanced chromatography, mass spectrometry and PCR instrumentation to provide customised solutions to analytical needs and answers to scientific problems. In addition to the core research activities, the organisation has a quality system to meet the international guidelines such ISO 17025, OECD GLP, ICH, APVMA, and FSANZ.

The track record of the company executives in conducting the core research and then commercialising these components will make it a valuable partner to the community.




 SITE NUMBER: 24808   

              ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) and the OECD GLP Principles (1997) interpreted for research:

Agribusiness; Healthcare; Pharmaceutical and Media Products

Product Testing

Animal biological samples;

Human biological samples;

Human pharmaceutical formulations;

Veterinary pharmaceutical formulations;

Food products;